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Ultimate Minecraft Hosting Guide | Requirements & Setup

Minecraft is our all-time favorite game that became popular back in 2011.  The most popular mode of this game for Minecraft hosting is a multiplayer mode where different players play on a single server and enjoy the game by exploring the virtual world together.

All these Minecraft servers act as gateways to the game. Minecraft has its own servers where users can play and enjoy themselves without paying an extra cent.  These official Minecraft servers are excellent for players but they provide fewer customization options that limit the fun.   to unlock more customization options users go for dedicated servers in VPS hostings to host their own server with the best settings and customized open-world.

Dedicated servers are excellent for players who want to set their own rules for the game and enjoy with their friends and family. Many Minecraft players on YouTube also use these custom servers to do something different that people love and enjoy.

Normally the Minecraft servers are available at minimal prices but if you want to get the highest service that can accommodate hundreds of players at the same time with perfect latency rates then you can purchase your own VPS hosting or a dedicated server to host your Minecraft game. You might be confused between a dedicated and VPS hosting server so lets first clear our concepts about these two:

Dedicated ServerVPS Server
The dedicated hosting server is completely yours. Unlike VPS hosting, there are no divided portions in dedicated ones. This type of server is mostly used for the large-scale audience of users. These services are completely empty when you first find buy And they are completely dedicated to a single purpose. This purpose can be any website with a lot of traffic or a game like Minecraft where hundreds of players have to play at once.  VPS servers normally do not accommodate this huge number of players and that’s why we use dedicated service instead to handle all the traffic without any change in latency rates or server behavior.  dedicated servers are mostly expensive because they offer you immense power to handle huge traffic with ease.VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers.  This is a shared type of hosting where a big server is divided into multiple smaller portions.  The complete resources of the server are divided among the users. All these separate portions act as different homes which people can decorate according to themselves. They never interfere with each other and all their resources are also evenly divided among them.   Many hosting providers use VPS servers to share it between different Minecraft players who want to create their separate servers with a range of customization options and full control. This control is only limited to their own hosting portion and they cannot mess up with the whole physical server.

Which one to Choose?

If you are a casual Minecraft Player and you just want to host a small server for your friends and family then a VPS server is probably the best option. These types of servers mostly have limited capacity and slots for players but they serve the purpose very efficiently.  Many hosting providers like DoleHost offer you some of the finest and most reliable VPS hosting servers for Minecraft. Their servers are cheap and reliable with around 100% uptime and excellent support.

On the other hand, if you are a YouTuber or community guy with lots of friends who want to play and enjoy Minecraft with you then You can go for dedicated hosting servers that accommodate hundreds of players at the same time. These servers have better uptime and reliability as compared to VPS hosting but they are too expensive for some people because one server is completely directed to your Minecraft game with tons of resources that is the case in low-end hosting options.

Which Hosting to Buy?

There are hundreds of Minecraft hosting providers available out there. Some of them are a little expensive while others do not offer you a great server uptime. The DoleoHost keeps the balance with its highly affordable yet most optimized services. They are focused on Minecraft Hosting solutions and offer you around 13 different plans. They also provide you a free 7-Day trial on 1GB RAM and 5GB SSD server. If you want to go for 3GB RAM then you just have to pay $3 per month and you are good to go. If you want to accelerate it further then they also have an Unlimited Plan with unlimited RAM and SSD to provide you lag-free Minecraft gaming experience.

Minecraft Setup on Dedicated Root Server

If you have chosen to go with Minecraft dedicated hosting then you are ready to set up your Minecraft world. Regardless of whether it be Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux, clients are left to choose which working framework to have the game on. Nitty-gritty directions on setting up a Minecraft server for all working frameworks are likewise accessible on Minecraft Wiki. We’ve spread out a model on the best way to get Minecraft ready for action on Windows:

  • Above all else, access the dedicated root server.
  • Guarantee that the most current form of Java is introduced on your server. Should this not be the situation, at that point download and introduce the most recent rendition from the official Java website.
  • On the official Minecraft landing page Minecraft-Homepage, download the Windows multiplayer Minecraft program. Spare the .exe record in another organizer and afterward run it. The server will at that point be consequently arranged and added to the envelope. Should the server neglect to stack, ensure that you have head rights by right-tapping the .exe document and choosing the “run as overseer” tab. Following this, you will be incited to enter the necessary secret key.
  • In the wake of setting up the Minecraft-Server verify whether the end-clients permit arrangement in the eula.txt record has been acknowledged. Open the record with WordPad and guarantee that the last line of the content peruses “eula=true”. Remember to spare should “false” should be supplanted with “true”.
  • Administrator rights are expected to keep up power over the Minecraft server. Close the server, enter your username into the ops.txt document, and afterward spare. Game settings would now be able to be changed.
  • An open port is required so different players can get to your server. The entrance port is situated inside the document. Port 25565 ought to be enlisted as the standard design. Ensure that this is additionally the situation for your server. Should you have to change this, open the port forwarding in the router, and enter the port number. In the event that a reach should be entered, utilize the port number as both the beginning and finishing point.
  • Both IP addresses and the server name are required so different players can get to the Minecraft server. Forward this data to different players and enter them into the accompanying Minecraft menu thing: Congrats, You are Done. Now you are ready to boom with your customized game with your own open-world rules to enjoy at its best.

Customizing your Dedicated Server

When the dedicated server is set up, you are presently ready to change the numerous settings for your Minecraft world. A large portion of these changes is made with the record. Changes are enacted here by opening and altering the record with WordPad. From the number of qualified players to the trouble level and presence of the gaming climate, numerous alterations are under the chairman’s control.

Enter the ideal number in each particular line or change the order to “true” or “false”. Players can likewise be restricted by utilizing the documents prohibited players.txt and restricted ips.txt. Enter the name or IP address of the undesired part in the individual document. Utilizing a whitelist, then again, permits you to straightforwardly decide how to get to your Minecraft server. Enter the client names of your kindred gamers into the white-list.txt record, all different players not recorded here won’t have the option to join your server.

Blueprint of Setting up your own Server

You can easily create your Minecraft servers in 5 to 7 steps. These steps are a little technical and lengthy at the same time. We will go through the whole process in another article but here we are highlighting the main steps that you have to take in order to successfully start your server.

  • Pick your Hosting: Pick your best Minecraft Hosting
  • from your bestseller. If you are looking for free Minecraft hosting then you should try out DoleHost’s trial plan. Their servers are extremely affordable and their prices are also very competitive.
  • Update Java Version: If Java is already not available on PC then install it quickly and update it to its most recent version.
  • Select your Location: Make sure to select the optimal location for your hosting server,
  • Install Minecraft Server Software: Minecraft provides its own server software that needs a Java environment in order to work.
  • Port Forwarding: Port forwarding helps you to globally host your server so that other people can connect.
  • Start your Server: There are a number of commands that you need to use in order to start your server. You can easily type all of these commands on the Windows prompt and the server will be successfully started.
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Hosting Server on your Own Computer

At the point when you have different players interfacing with your server from around the globe, it is of most extreme significance that the server hardware is sufficiently amazing to help everybody playing. In the event that you have a server on your PC quite a bit of its assets will be devoured rapidly and cause your PC to slack. You will likewise need to set up port sending and give out your IP to players which could represent a huge issue in the event that somebody dispatches a Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on your home organization.

However long your server is equipped for running the default Minecraft then you will have the option to play on our servers. In the event that you decide to play greater mod packs, for example, any form Technic to Feed The Beast, your server should be fittingly estimated so as to deal with the additional mods that will be stacked by the game and server.

Consequently, we suggest a normal of a double center processor over 2.8Ghz and 4-6GB of RAM on your local machine to deal with a larger part of what Minecraft needs to toss at you without relinquishing graphical delivering lucidity and detail. Perhaps the best mod in Minecraft is called Optifine and permits you to transform all surfaces into HD. You will likewise need to introduce Java on your PC.

Rather than focusing on your local PC, we prescribe utilizing DoleoHost server hosting to securely and adequately power your multiplayer server. These servers use venture grade hardware and the best reasonable RAM for quick handling. The organization is totally shielded from DDoS attacks and you won’t need to give out your own IP for the server as we will furnish you with one.

Considerable Factors While Choosing your Hosting

There are hundreds of hosting companies out there who are providing Minecraft servers but the question is what makes one provider better than the other? And what factors should we consider while selecting our Minecraft Server? To answer your question, here are some points that you must consider while buying your Minecraft server.

Speed & Uptime

Many providers guarantee you 99.9% uptime which means that your server will never stop working (other than maintenance) but is it actually true? Well, most providers lie about it. We cannot play Minecraft on a server without a consistent connection. Servers might become slow due to a lack of RAM. So, make sure that you buy the most compatible server package with your desired RAM to fulfill your needs.

Geographical Server Location

Server locations also matter a lot. If your server is farther away from your geographical location then chances are that your connection will be slow. The best bet is to select a server that is nearby your current location. You should also keep the location of other players in mind to keep everything fair and reliable.

Player Slots & Capacity

Custom Minecraft servers are all about fun with your friends and family. So, you should make sure that multiple players (around 10) can easily join your server and play Minecraft without any interruption.

Modpacks and Plugins Integration

Who doesn’t love Minecraft mode? The real fun begins in these mods. You should ensure that your Minecraft hosting allows you to install these mods on your server. Moreover, it will be a plus point if your provider has already added pre-installed mods for your ease.

One-click Setups

Servers can be really difficult to set up and they might require some technical knowledge. You should find providers like DoleoHost who guide through each and every step to set up your server. Moreover, their installation process is also much simpler than many other reputable providers.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are pretty common on the Internet because almost every other kid can install DDoS tools to stress down any servers by sending tons of requests. Many servers come with DDoS protection and it’s also a wiser decision to opt for protected servers. Otherwise, anyone can mess up your server with some tools which will interrupt your enjoyable game and can even cause the server to crash.

Selecting a Reliable Package

Hosting providers have different packages meant for different people. If you are a casual Minecraft player who just wants to play on their servers once in a while then you should choose a cheap plan. Moreover, if you are a dedicated gamer and a community stands behind you then it’s time to get a powerful server that can handle tons of load.

Moreover, you also have the option to buy Quarterly, Monthly, and Yearly packages. If you have a plan to game for the long-term then a Yearly package is the best option because it can save you a lot of money while a monthly plan can be a little costly.

Exploring Multicraft Control Panel

If you have bought a VPS server hosting from a provider then most probably they have provided you the installation guide as well. The server installation process is different among all these providers. Some of them offer one-click installations like Hostinger and DoleoHost while others make you go through complicated steps in order to successfully proceed with the setup process.

The VPS hosting providers mostly use Multicraft panels for Java-based Minecraft because this control panel is specifically made for Minecraft and it also provides you a range of options. Once you have successfully set up your server then you can easily access Minecraft at a similar address:

In your case, the IP address will be on your VPS server instead of the dummy address shown in the above example. If you are unable to access the address then there might be some problem with your installation and in this case, it’s better to get help from the customer support of your hosting provider.

If you can access the login page of Minecraft then you have to put your Username and Password that you recently used during the setup of your server. You have to log in to your Minecraft panel with your credentials. Once you are in, you will be able to see different options that will allow you to host your own server.

As you are now inside the panel, it’s time to create your server. Here is a step-by-step process to create a Minecraft server with MultiCraft panel:

  • Find and click on the “Select Server” option that is normally available on the left side of your Multicraft dashboard.
  • Decide and write down the name of your server which will be shown to other players and also specify the number of player slots for your server.
  • You will now see an “Assign to User” option which allows you to give admin access to a particular user. You can simply add the name of that user to whom you want to give the management access to your server. If you want to keep the access to yourself, then simply type “admin” and that section and you are good to go.
  • Make sure to save all your server settings and remember your server name and other inputs that you will need for the next time. Now just “Start” your server and you are good to go. It’s time to share it with your friends who want to join your game.
minecraft server hosting

Minecraft Server Hosting Configuration

All the server configurations and game modifications are made through the Multicraft panel. It is just like a key to the server that unlocks the doors of customization. You can easily check your server information and below that, you will find a detailed Resource Usage page where all online players are listed along with the resources that are utilizing from your server’s end.

You can customize literally anything on your server from this page. On the left side, there are even more customization options available on the Multicraft dashboard. If you ever think that your resources are running out due to a lack of RAM or processing speed then most hosting providers allow you to customize your plan with ease without losing any of your data.

There is also a Console available to monitor everything happening on your server. If you want to explore it further then you can execute the “help” command which will display all other available commands on your server.

There is a separate “Players” section where data of all current and previous players is listed along with their session times, log-in history, and IP addresses. The Multicraft panel also allows you to block different IP addresses of your choice if somebody misbehaves or tries to exploit the game.

If you want to learn more about the Multicraft panel, then there is a detailed documentation page available on their official website.