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9 Best Minecraft Hostings in 2020

Minecraft is one of the oldest Best Minecraft Hosting Multiplayer game and most popular video games that was developed back in 2009.  The game picked its trend in the year 2011 after the 2 years of its release. It is an open-world game so there is a lot to explore In this endless world.  Games still have millions of players to explore the virtual world with their friends and family.

When you play on Minecraft servers you have limited options to play around and customize your game. If you want more customization options then you probably have to go for a dedicated server. Many hosting providers provide Minecraft servers with a range of customization options. Some providers provide the best service at cheap rates while others are a little expensive.

There range of things to look for while you are choosing your Minecraft server.  Some of these options include your processing speed, SSD storage, and DDoS protection facility. These pictures are also very highly dependent on your requirements and the number of players who are going to play on a Minecraft server.  There are both virtual private servers and dedicated servers available for Minecraft.  At the end of the day, it’s your choice to choose a server that is most compatible according to your needs.

Before you jump and buy your own Minecraft server you should be aware that Minecraft also provides their own servers, which of course come with some limitations. The subscription cost of this service is also a bit expensive if compared to other Minecraft hosting providers. Let’s first differentiate between Minecraft Realms servers and servers by other hosting providers:

Microsoft Realms

These are official servers by Minecraft that facilitate you to play with your friends and family. You can easily buy a Realms subscription from Minecraft’s website but these servers provide you a very limited room. On the other hand, the VPS servers provided by various hosting providers are fastest and reliable enough to host hundreds of players.

The good thing about Realms is that Minecraft provides you with a 30 days free trial here. So, you can enjoy your own hosted game for 30-days without any additional costs. However, the subscription prices are a little higher.

Dedicated Hosting

If you are a YouTuber or you play with your larger gaming groups then your own dedicated servers are probably the most reliable option. You can create your own Minecraft world that will be constantly hosted on your server even when you are offline. These servers are mostly hosted on the cloud. So, you do not have to worry about shutting them down.

Moreover, these servers provide you full access and privacy. So, you can only invite your gaming friends and nobody else can enter the server. As a server hoster, you can also manage different aspects of the game to make it more enjoyable according to your own taste.

This article is focused on finding the best Minecraft hosting provided by local and reputable hosting providers. Let’s explore our options based on prices, uptime, and other important features.

Best Minecraft Hosting Providers

Bisect Hosting

If you want the best hosting from a dedicated Minecraft server hosting provider then bisect hosting is probably the most optimized option. They have a lot to offer fast and reliable VPS hosting servers. You can host both Java and Bedrock Minecraft versions.

Java is the original version of Minecraft while Bedrock allows you to host your mobile version with the best compatibility. They also provide instant server setups as soon as you buy any of their hosting plans. They use a Multicraft control panel to provide you all the customization options for your Minecraft. They also provide plugin integration and Modpacks which you can easily switch based on your personal preference.

They provide a Java hosting plan version for Minecraft at $7.99 per month. On the other hand, if you want to host your bedrock version for mobile Minecraft then you would only have to pay 2.99 USD per month.  In both of these cases, you only get 1GB of RAM while they or they provide you full root access to make all the customizations that you need.

This might seem a little expensive but they are most reliable because they have 15 different server locations worldwide. You can select your nearest server based on your geographical location to ensure the best latency rates for lag-free gaming. They also have a premium plan where you get unlimited slots, 32 GB of RAM and over 160 players can play in a single server at the same time.

MCPro Hosting

Just like bisect hosting you can also set up both Java and BedRock in your MCPro hosting servers. The original version of Minecraft is based on Java so you have to buy Java-based servers to run your Minecraft servers on PC while the Bedrock version is made for mobile devices. The multicraft control panel is used to control all the functionalities of the server from managing and directing different customization options and modifying all files.

Another powerful control panel named OneControlCentre is also in the beta testing phase and it will provide more functionalities than the MultiCraft panel. The support teams are always online to help you with installation, modpacks, downgrading, upgrading, and relocating your server plans. They also provide you free backup service without any extra costs.

The best thing about MCPro hosting is that they have over 20 locations worldwide. You can select the nearest location to achieve the best latency rates without any downtime. The 1GB RAM plan for Java-based Minecraft is enough to host up to 20 players while if you want to play with BedRock (mobile-based) plans then 256 MB RAM is enough to host up to 10 players without any difficulty.

Their servers are fully protected from DDoS attacks to prevent any downtime. The complete root access also opens the door for more customizations which most hosting providers do not provide. Another best thing about MCPro Hosting is that they will refund your money if you do not like their services. You can claim your refunds within 7 days of purchasing any services except the dedicated servers because they come with a 30% restocking fee.


If you cannot afford expensive Minecraft servers but you still want the best then DoleoHost is probably the best option you will find on our list. They provide both Java and Bedrock based servers with complete customization options and root access. Their Customer Support is faster than most providers and if you are ever facing any difficulties with the installation process they will instantly reply to your problems to get fixed as soon as possible.

The best thing about DoleHost is that they also provide you with a Free trial to try their services before you even buy it. The free trial lasts for around 7 days and it comes with 1GB of RAM and 5 GB SSD storage. If you want to upgrade your plan then you only have to pay $3 per month for 3 GB of RAM with Unlimited Storage and 480Gbps DDoS protection included. The same plans cost you over $10 from other providers while DoleoHost keeps it affordable without compromising on their fast services with almost 0% downtime.

If you want to play big with unlimited slots without ever caring about Ram then you should go for the $10 package provided by Doleohost. This package provides you unlimited RAM and unmetered SSD storage to enjoy Minecraft at its best with a number of players. You are also given a 14 day money back guarantee,  that you can avail anytime if you do not like their services. Considering the affordability and server performance Doleohost is the cheapest yet best option that gives you 100% of time to enjoy Minecraft with lowest possible latency rates.


Hostinger is a big brand that provides almost all types of hosting. We can also say that Hostinger is the real hosting king that is providing its services at very competitive prices which is way less than most other sellers. They provide email, website hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and of course VPS hosting which is normally used in Minecraft servers. Hostinger has special Minecraft servers and their Minecraft hosting packages cost $8.95/month.

They also do not provide any free trials, unlike other providers, so you have to go blind with their services. The server includes a 2 GB of RAM to handle all the traffic and game load. The server can also accommodate around 70 players but it might stress your server. A Multicraft control panel access is given to the user with full control of customizing everything according to their own taste.

The Hostinger’s Minecraft servers are also protected from DDoS attacks. The best thing about Hostinger is that its setup process is instant and straightforward. You can also enjoy a range of Minecraft mods in the game as it is allowed to install and play mods on their servers.

The server costs are a little high but it is totally worth the price because Hostinger also guarantees you over 99% uptime but many customers have a mixed review on their server run time. Setting up your hosting server is the most complicated task for most gamers but Hostinger makes VPS setup easy for you with just a few simple steps. These steps barely take some minutes and you do not have to indulge in technicalities.

Hostinger also facilitates you with one-click backups and it also supports the integration of different plugins.Hostinger has a lot more to offer you can easily setup your VPS server with just a single click. The best thing about Hostinger is that they prioritize the security of their customers and ensure that their data is secured. Moreover, the Hostinger also offers you a money-back guarantee that you can claim if their services are not aligned with their pricing.  Minecraft servers by Hostinger are hosted at five different locations including the UK, US, Lithuania, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

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BeastNode is another hosting service that provides you full root access to customise everything according to your own preferences. The server costs are very much affordable and their Multicraft control panel allows you to make all customizations. They also offer you 100% uptime with the lowest latency rates possible. The setup process is pretty easy and instant once you purchase any of their servers.

They also have a proper community forum where you can ask questions regarding any issues and  make new Minecraft friends. BeastNode also guides you throughout the whole process of choosing your server and installing it in the right way. You can upgrade, downgrade and relocate servers anytime without losing your data. They have a separate knowledge base  for players who want to explore more about Minecraft servers.

There are plans ranging from 1GB to 12 GB of RAM where the highest one accommodates over hundred players at the same time. The spider plan offers you 1GB RAM where 20 players can play without any lag or server crashing issues. They have 3 server locations around the globe.  If any of these servers are located near your geographical location then BeastNode will offer you the most reliable experience.

One downside of based not is that they do not provide any regular backups so you have to backup all your data on your own. The best bet is to use any secondary storage device.  However, it still provides you 3 backups while you have to download and store older files by yourself.


ShockByte services are not just limited to Minecraft. They also cater a range of the popular game titles for which they provide different hosting plans based on your gaming requirements. The cheapest hosting Minecraft plan starts at $2.5 per month but it is not powerful enough  to host multiple players at single time. This plan only provides you 1GB of RAM which is not enough to host a range of players.

The iron plan by Shockbyte  is probably the best Minecraft hosting plan at a $10 price point which provides  4GB of Ram  along with 80 plus slots. The Minecraft servers by ShockByte are up to date with the most recent Java version with Bedrock support edition in all their hosting plans. They also help you prevent any external DDoS attacks on servers to avoid any downtime. If we move to a higher tier, They accommodate powerful Spartan, Zeus and Titan plans for big gaming servers that need more processing power and RAM. However these servers are not compatible with Minecraft because Minecraft doesn’t need much processing power.

These upper tier servers provide you  12GB to 16GB of RAM. These plans are probably the best for 0% down time during your whole gaming experience. If you think that you do not fit in all of their plans then you can customise your own based on your requirements.


If you are looking to host a server for Microsoft pocket edition version then Scalacube might be your right choice. Minecraft PE was specifically made for mobile platforms but now it is playable on both Bedrock and Java engines. This version falls under the Bedrock editions of Minecraft. Collective specialises in Microsoft service which offer the most optimised performance with  unlimited slots.

You can start your one click installation process right after buying your Minecraft server. Their basic package falls around $5 per month where you have to pay a discounted $2.50 for the first month. This package you only get 768 MB of Ram which is quite enough for a mobile server.  You are given an option to select your own control panel from Nukkit and Pocketmine. You can host multiple game servers based on the modes and plugins you installed on your main VPS server.

ScalaCube has various instruction and tutorial videos available on the platform to diagnose any problem or issue faced by the users. They also provided  24/7 direct customer support and personal assistance. There’s also an option in the ScalaCube control panel to create your own Minecraft launcher where you can edit the server list and list of modes for every hosted server. There are a wide range of plans from 768 MB to 32GB. You can choose the best one according to your own requirements and number of players who are going to play on that server. These servers are also DDoS protected And also support all Microsoft plugins and Mods.

Apex Hosting

Some Minecraft players are more leaned towards ease of installation  and that’s exactly what  Apex hosting offers you. It only takes less than 5 minutes to set up your Minecraft server with the Apex hosting  once you have bought any of the premium packages. The multicraft control panel further makes it easy to modify different configurations, server versions and other settings.  Apex hosting also provides you a customised panel to change different settings with full root access. Their services are best for those players who are hosting their Minecraft servers for the first time.

They charge you $4.49 for the first month and then their prices change to $5.99/month on their basic Minecraft package. This basic package has only 1GB RAM which you can upgrade or downgrade to 16GB. There are a total of 13 hosting plans to choose from Indore all these plans are made for different groups of gamers.  The Apex hosting also provides you a 24/7 support with all the tutorials and videos that you need for installation and to solve unexpected server problems.

There are around 16 Global server locations and you have the opportunity to select the nearest one according to your geographical location to lower the latency rates and optimise the gaming experience. Furthermore all the servers by Apex hosting are protected from any kind of DDoS and other stress attacks. They provide both Java and Bedrock servers to accommodate both platforms. They also include some premade mini games and mods for Minecraft to further enhance your gaming experience.

meloncube best minecraft hosting


Meloncube is an affordable hosting provider that offers instant server setup  as soon as you buy  their Minecraft hosting plan. Unlike other service providers melon cube uses multicraft 2.0 panel advanced versions of multicraft.  It offers maximum security and range of different options to upgrade and downgrade your plan according to your needs.

Currently MelonCube has three different server locations located in the US, France in Canada. Their cheapest Zombie server plan costs you around $3 per month and it provides 1GB of RAM with full root access. They also have a premium plan to accommodate more users with 48 GB of RAM and unlimited slots. Other than RAM all servers  include almost the same features with one click installation and lag free experience. You can also install a range of plugins in different Minecraft mods on their dedicated Minecraft servers.

In case you think that melon cube services are not much reliable and you are facing more lag and latency issues  then you can immediately ask for a refund within 3 days of purchase. If you haven’t made a request for refund within these three days then MelonCube has rights to refuse the refund on all their servers including dedicated, VPS and add-ons.

Our Best Pick

All of these hosting providers have their own  advantages and disadvantages. Almost all of them offer DDoS protection and full control with root access along with many customisation options.  They all also ensure 100 percent uptime which is not true in some cases. Considering the prices and reliability of all providers we have chosen our winner which is DoleoHost.

Why DoleoHost is Best?

Server price and uptime  are two biggest factors for players who are looking for Minecraft hosting. Luckily, the DoleHost has proven to be the best on both these grounds. They have the most attractive Minecraft Hosting prices that no other provider is offering. Moreover, all of their customers are satisfied with their top-notch and timely support. Servers are also well-mainted to offer you 99.9% uptime and provide you full control over customization. If you want to go throw a Minecraft party featuring hundreds of players then they have a special plan with Unlimited RAM and SSD space and it just costs $10 per month.