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Best Free Minecraft Hosting — Requirements & Setup

When we talk about open-world games then Minecraft is probably the most versatile game played by almost all age groups. The game has different modes and it takes you to a whole different world where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family but what if you want to host a Minecraft party? The best way is to set up your own Minecraft server by buying reliable hosting. If you are a little tight on budget then don’t worry because we got your back. This article is specifically to guide you about free Minecraft hosting to enjoy undisturbed gaming.

Before we provide our best options, you must know that Minecraft provides its own service known as “Minecraft Realms”.

Minecraft RealmsMinecraft Hosting Servers  
These are official servers by Minecraft that facilitate you to play with your friends and family. You can easily buy a Realms subscription from Minecraft’s website but these servers provide you a very limited room. On the other hand, the VPS servers provided by various hosting providers are fastest and reliable enough to host hundreds of players.   The good thing about Realms is that Minecraft provides you with a 30 days free trial here. So, you can enjoy your own hosted game for 30-days without any additional costs. However, the subscription prices are a little higher.If you are a YouTuber or you play with your larger gaming groups then your own dedicated servers are probably the most reliable option. You can create your own Minecraft world that will be constantly hosted on your server even when you are offline. These servers are mostly hosted on the cloud. So, you do not have to worry about shutting them down.   Moreover, these servers provide you full access and privacy. So, you can only invite your gaming friends and nobody else can enter the server. As a server hoster, you can also manage different aspects of the game to make it more enjoyable according to your own taste.   As our concepts with Minecraft’s Realms hosting and Dedicated hosting are clear. Let’s move further and learn more about Free Minecraft Hosting services.

Why Should I set up my Free Minecraft Server?

It’s always fun to play Minecraft in its own open-world but what if you want to level-up your enjoyment by setting your own Minecraft rules in your own world? This will obviously double your fun. You will be able to play games privately with your limited circle. Nobody else will interfere in your Minecraft server without your permission or invitations.

You have all the control once your Minecraft is hosted on a dedicated server. There are a variety of customization options unlocked once you move Minecraft out of its box. Moreover, you will be able to install Minecraft mods to add functionalities that weren’t previously available in the game. There are element extension options available as well. Minecraft itself has limited elements but your private server allows you to add additional elements that weren’t previously available in the game.

How much RAM do you need?

The RAM totally depends upon your usage. The dedicated Minecraft servers normally come with 1 to 4 Gbs of RAM. If you want to go with Free Minecraft Hosting then most providers will offer your at least 1GB RAM just like DoleoHost because it’s the minimum requirement to successfully host your server and prevent it from crashing.

If you are playing Minecraft 1.14 versions then you probably need 1.5 Gbs of RAM to smoothly play with 5 other players. If you are bored of the simple Minecraft and you want to install plugins and mods then you would need at least 3 GB of RAM. Here the bar is set higher because more data needs to be processed. In order to enjoy mods on your own server, you probably have to buy Minecraft hosting that is available at cheap prices from DoleoHost.

If your Minecraft gaming requirements fall in the mediocre category and you are not going to put much pressure on your servers then 2 GBs of RAM would work. It is also the safest option because you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription if your requirements change.

free minecraft server hosting

Number of Players

If you are still confused about how much RAM you actually need for your server then count the number of players that are going to play on that private server. Each player will take somewhere around 300 Mbs of RAM of your server. So, if there are five players then 1,500 Mbs of RAM will be consumed which means that a 2GB hosting package will be enough to handle 5 players in a server.

Minecraft Hosting Costs

The costs totally depend on your hosting provider. The average monthly costs for dedicated Minecraft servers are somewhere around $5. This package mostly compensates only 5 players with 2 GBs of RAM. Some hosting providers like DoleoHost offer you much better packages at cheaper prices. They also offer a Free Trial package where you can set up your Minecraft server free of cost. What if you are being offered a 3GB RAM at just $3/month cost? Yes, it’s unbelievable but DoleoHost actually provides you these offers.

If you want to throw a party with 100+ Minecraft players on your own dedicated server then why not go for an Unlimited RAM option? You can also grab this offer at DoleoHost at only a $10/month price tag which is completely fair. There are other providers also available such as Apex Hosting, Hostinger, and Shockbyte but their pricings are way higher than expected.

DoleoHost — Free Minecraft Hosting

What is the most important thing to consider while choosing a Minecraft hosting? You might think of RAM, SSD Storage, and Speed — Right? DoleoHost provides you 1 GB RAM, 5 GB SSD Storage, and 1Gbps uplink without charging you a cent. You get their fast servers for a month without any costs. DoleoHost’s Free trial services offer you the most optimal Minecraft server functionalities while it’s paid packages are much better and provides you unlimited SSD Storage.

Setting up your Free Server

You might have already signed up for your Free Minecraft hosting by this time but the real part is its configuration. Many Minecraft lovers fail at this step even after they have purchased the hosting. You have to be a little technical in order to successfully set up your server.

Prerequisites for Setup

The pre-requisites are pretty much basic yet a little technical. These servers are extremely easy to set up if a person has some technical background. If you are a non-techy person then it is recommended to ask for help from your friends.

Managing a server (whether it’s Minecraft or a website server) needs a little understanding of how networks work. These concepts are the base for operating any server. Moreover, you also need some knowledge in areas such as:

  • Command Line Usage — You must know how to use CMD in Windows if you are setting it up on Windows.
  • Networking — Knowledge about port-forwarding, IP, DHCP, etc.
  • System Configuration — Settings of your system
  • Router Configuration — For home setups
  • Network Configuration — Your Network settings

Don’t confuse yourself if you are unaware of these things. There are Minecraft communities to help you online. Moreover, there are hundreds of Minecraft server setup videos available on Youtube. So, if you do not want to learn these concepts all by yourself then just find the most reliable video on YouTube and start following each step one by one.

The configuration might differ a little between different types of hosting and their providers but the commands and port-forwarding steps are pretty much the same. You can also consult your Minecraft hosting provider if you are unable to execute set up commands due to some technical errors.

Running Minecraft Server

If you want to run Minecraft while hosting your own server then you need a good PC to manage everything smoothly. It’s not always necessary to get a high-end PC because Minecraft doesn’t use much resources. If you are going to host a server and play Minecraft on your PC at the same time then it’s recommended to get a high-end PC that is also good for multitasking because you’ll be managing your server settings alongside your gaming.

The stable internet connection is another contributing factor that ensures the best performance. The wireless Internet connection is not much reliable like wired ethernet connection. So, it is highly recommended to use ethernet connection for the optimal performance.

Using a Hosting Provider

It’s obvious that you need a good server in order to keep everything smooth in your Minecraft world. It is only possible if your hosting provider is cooperative and provides you excellent services. VPS servers are great for Minecraft but they can accommodate only a limited number of players. Some hosting providers also provide you Minecraft optimized servers, DoleoHost is a big example of such providers. They have different Minecraft server packages to fulfill all your needs at a very competitive pricing.

If VPS or Minecraft server hosting isn’t enough and you want to throw a full fledged Minecraft party with hundreds of players then a Dedicated Server is your option to go. These servers are mostly expensive because they are specially dedicated to a single purpose. You should only opt for these servers if you are a youtuber or community gamer who wants to engage his audience by playing Minecraft with them on a private server of his own.

Creating Minecraft Server on PC

You can easily create your Minecraft servers in 5 to 7 steps. These steps are a little technical and lengthy at the same time. We will go through the whole process in another article but here we are highlighting the main steps that you have to take in order to successfully start your server.

Pick your Hosting: Pick your best Minecraft Hosting from your bestseller. If you are looking for free Minecraft hosting then you should try out DoleHost’s trial plan. Their servers are extremely affordable and their prices are also very competitive.

Update Java Version: If Java is already not available on PC then install it quickly and update it to its most recent version.

Select your Location: Make sure to select the optimal location for your hosting server,

Install Minecraft Server Software: Minecraft provides its own server software which needs a Java environment in order to work.

Port Forwarding: Port forwarding helps you to globally host your server so that other people can connect.

Start your Server: There are a number of commands that you need to use in order to start your server. You can easily type all of these commands on the Windows prompt and the server will be successfully started.

free minecraft hosting

To Wrap it Up

Minecraft lovers can enhance their gaming experience by hosting their own server to enjoy with their friends and family. Minecraft Realms is also good for new Minecraft players but it is a little expensive as well. The best alternative option we have is a VPS or dedicated server. Even better, some hosting providers like DoleoHost, Hostinger and Apex Hosting offer you the best performing Minecraft hosting servers.

The servers should be bought based upon your gaming needs. The Free Minecraft Hosting services generally provide you a limited SSD and RAM. Their functionalities are limited because there is no cost barrier while paid Minecraft hosting packages are excellent when you want to play with a range of players. You can even get unlimited RAM space if you are going to host a big server. An unlimited RAM package was announced by DoleoHost where they allow tens of users to play Minecraft on a single server. The fascinating thing is that it costs $10/month and the value it provides is just unexplanatory.

No matter if you are going to purchase or use Free Minecraft Hosting. You must have some technical skills in order to successfully set up everything. If you are a non-technical person then it’s recommended to ask for help from any of your friends having a technical background.